Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas.

This is the boys and girls enjoying part of their christmas presents at Nana's. We have had an xbox for awhile now & the boys just got guitar hero world tour complete band!!!! Wow aren't you inpressed that I could even write all that!!!!
Anyway us old folks have even had a go at it!! Not real good at it but it was heaps of fun!!!
This is the sunset at mum's place. Isn't it just beautiful!!!! This is what mum gets to look at each evening out her back door.
This is my beautiful hubby on christmas day ready to open presents!!!!

This is me on christmas day wearing some lovely bling that some fantastic friend presented me with for christmas!!! I felt very special and quite like a princess!!! lol

All accessories more that welcome!!! hee hee

Well wishing you all wonderful time with your families and friends and awaiting New Year's Day!!!
luv me xxooxx

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