Sunday, December 14, 2008

My boys think I'm OBSESSED!!! lol

We were just about to have some lunch after visiting a friend when Kirby called around to head off to a clearing sale. Well, we postponed lunch & toodled off with her!! I had a look around & nothing had grabbed my fancy but then I saw this!! I was lucky enough to have only one other person bidding & I WON!!! Yeah.
I thought that I might decorate it with ribbons, beads & things.
What do you guys think?????
I thought it was a bargain & just had to have it!!
Finally we did get home for lunch, just a little late, hee hee! But it was worth it I reckon.
luv me xxooxx


susy said...

Love it Sandy, the possibilties are endless with this one, how big is it? Check out this dress form that Donna Donwney has used to store her ribbons on.

Donna Maria said...

Looks great Sandie.... Wow, will be very intrested to see it when you have finished with it! Xx

Sandie said...

it's not quite as tall as me.