Monday, August 18, 2008


Well I must say a big THANX to Don for tagging
Now I have to tag six bloggers but I won't as everyone I would have tagged is now done, so you know who you are guys!!
Six UN-SPECTACULAR things about me....................hhmmmmmmmmmm,
where do I start??
Ok here goes-
#1 - socks HAVE to be neatly folded in half (or thirds for long ones like footy socks) & have NO toes hanging out!!!!!!!! My boys have been taught from a very young age to do this too, although they do tease me about it!! ha ha kinky ha!!??!!
#2 - I like to read before I go to sleep at night. It doesn't matter how late or how tipsy or whatever it is, I have to read, even if it's just two paragraphs!!
#3 - I love my computer! I have two litle sayings pinned up by my computer. They say - I love my cpomputer because my friends live in it!! & Lord, bless my online friends, Amen.
#4 - I'm crazy about boxes. Don't really know why but if it's pretty or even just a good strong box, I'll keep it as I may use it for something.
#5 - I'm a night owl. Love to stay up late. I think it's because I get to have that quite 'me' time.
#6 - I LOVE to drive. Just ask Joe, hee hee. I drive everywhere & Joe just automatically goes to the passenger side, no matter what or where. Funny hey.

So I hope all you girls get a laugh out of these things about me.
Have a good one.

luv me

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