Sunday, August 3, 2008

Don't you love the sound of laughter!!

Well I just had one of those great moments that you never forget last night.
My youngest boy, Spud, had some mates around last night & I wasn't paying them much attention as I was just chilling. I had worked all day in the footy canteen & was a little buggered. Anyway - they were mucking around & then sitting at the kitchen table having some tea. Then - there it was - the wonderful sound of kids laughter!!!!
It's fantastic - they were chatting & enjoying each others company & just roaring with laughter. It is music to my ears. It rocked the walls of my house & I just smiled to myself & listened.
Sweet, sweet music.
Thanks guys for a fab night & a great memory!!
luv me xxooxx


susy said...

Isn't it wonderful that something that is free, unexpected and so simple can cause our hearts the most joy.

Donna Maria said...

I do that too....Sometimes I'm in the other room or just near by and I hear Andy and Cam having a conversation...about anything, and I just listen and smile to myself. It makes you so happy to know that all is right with them in their worlds and that they are happy, healthy and loved....