Friday, August 22, 2008

Poor spoilt me!!

Nothing like a little retail therapy to brighten a girls day.

haven't I been a little spoilt by buying these most beautiful things. Can't resist a good bag or a nice piece of bling!!! If any of you girls wish to see these items in the flesh, I shall be at class (Scrap n Patch) in the morning. Come check it out!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to the girls for encouraging me to go "looking". It was sooooo much fun!!! Should arrange to do it more often. Can't wait to get to Melbourne on our scrappin' trip. The girls may be too embarrassed by me & i might end up alone!!????!! NAH!!!!

Have a great night & I'm looking forward to scrappin' in the morn.Yeah!!
luv me xxooxx


susy said...

I plan to be right there beside you embassasing myself along with you,lol. Ohhhh, Melbourne is retail heaven, nearly as good as chocolate,mmm.

Donna Maria said...

I can wait to see you in all your glory Sandie....Be embarrised I will be there with you too!!!!
Not long now.....