Sunday, August 23, 2009

Strawberry Kisses........

Well my friends ...... this will one day be the most beautiful strawberry you have ever seen!!!
This is one of many of my strawberry plants starting to flower!! YUMMY!!!
I have wanted to grow strawberries for awhile now but never actually gone about getting it don. Joe was wrecking an old place & brought home a double cement washing trough. Fantastic, just the thing for my strawberry patch. So I was to the nursery as quick as a flash & purchased some cool looking plants. I mixed in some home made mulch/fertilizer, added some bean straw & hey presto ....... I had ny very fown strawberry patch. They look really healthy & I have got them in the perfect spot to get good sun most of the day. The weather has done most of the watering as we have been lucky to have been getting some rain this winter!!

So there you have it. Maybe if you call around someday, I'll let you taste my very own delicious home grown strawberries!!!
Strawberry kisses to you all.
luv me xxooxx


susy said...

Strawberries and cream at the Bell house hold???

coco said...

hi there honey bunch,

what lovely pictures you have, i love homemade jam but i love the plate of strawberries with chantilly cream and a glass of champagne more.... yummo. it is lovely that you are helping things to grow. love ya xxx