Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pigs really CAN fly!!!

Hi to all you bloggers & friends out there!
We ventured out to the Lucindale Field Days with friends today. It was a beautiful morning and we arrived about 9.30 am. We found where we needed to go first (Helen helping out in shed for Fashion Parade) and then started our walking & looking with a little bit of buying included.
We ended up back at the shed in the end watching the end of the fashion parade and then decided to have some lunch.
After having a nice lunch we ventured straight to the 'Strawberries & Cream' van for some scrummy strawberries!!!!! MMMmmmmmmmmmm We had a good look around & I really enjoyed the Lions Pavillion filled with lots of crafts & allsorts!! We got to this small gathering to watch the amazing 'Racing & Diving PIGS'.
This one was so cute but I wasn't in a good position to get a shoot of her head!!
These are the four racing pigs just about to head off!!

One of the diving pigs!!! She was gorgeous!!! She runs up the ramp and then steadies & settles herself & then dives!!!

This little darling just ran straight up & straight off without any hesitation at all!!

Getting a well deserved treat!! They were just so cute and really amazing. After diving in the water, they didn't take very long to dry today either!!
Helen needed to head back to the shed then to help out with Fashion Parade 'part two', so we continued looking around. After awhile we had had enough, so decided to head to the shed for a much needed rest. We found a good seat near some good air and really enjoyed a fun parade. The littlies were just so cute and then we were treated to a strip show from the CFS guys!! Thank goodness they stopped at only taking off their shirts!! hee hee Ahhhhhh it was all a bit of good fun!!
It was a great day & we enjoyed all that we did and saw.
Hope all is well with everyone & thanks for checking in.
luv me xxooxx


susy said...

sounds like a nice day out. Those little piggies are so cute.

Donna Maria said...

Looks like you had a fun day Sandie....the pigs are very cute! Andy was there on Castec's site and saw them too! Xx

susy said...

You've been tagged. check out my blog.