Sunday, March 29, 2009


The following pics are of a little album that I have created about a handbag I bought. I was very lucky to be given this album from Coco when I went to visit the other weekend. Coco found it and thought that it would be perfect to create an album about my red bag. What a great idea! Thank you. I had started thinking about what I could do before I even got home!!!
For those who may not be sure what I'm on about........... called into the shop one day & the girls had all been for a bit of a shop. Attwoods had a sale on their boots. Some of us hadn't been to look yet, so off some of us went again. I didn't really want boots, so I just browsed around the shop to see what else was there. Well...... there it was............... this beautiful little red bag!!!! It even had it's own BLING!!!!! I thought about it & decided... no I better not. But I kept going back to it and after (not much) encouragement from the girls... I bought it !!! EVERYONE has commented on it & loved it and wanted it!!! So when Coco saw this album, she thought it would be good to document 'My Little Red Bag'. So here it is in all it's glory. I hope that you like it Coco!!!???? I certainly enjoyed making it & I often had a chuckle remembering that day. Thanks girls & thanks Coco.
luv me xxooxx


coco said...

Awwww, Sandie, this is absolutely gorgeous. I am tickled pink ...should that be red? your bag album is so precious. I love what you have done. Boy, it puts me to shame, i baked on Friday.. Haven't been inspired to do much else. However a lady from Dave's work rang on Friday , she runs a scrapbooking business from home. She asked me along to see what she had at a display at a school near Maccas. They made me welcome and i picked up a few little treasures. They have invited me to an all day scrap on 5th april so if I can get my head around it , I will go. First class effort with my pressie. You have done it proud. xx love ya Coco

Donna Maria said...

Fantastic Bag Sandie...looks really gorgeous!! You should have put bigger photo's of it on!! I want to see more! Xx