Sunday, October 17, 2010

Show time ....

It has taken me ALL day to get this posted ... hee hee. I would start it, then go finished something else, then come back but would be interupted again! So now I have finally been able to finish & post.
I thought that I would share my good fortune we my fellow bloggers.
Our local show was on this weekend and I entered some cards and scrapbooking of mine. It was judged and I was thrilled to find that I had 2 firsts & 3 seconds which resulted in me becoming Reserve Champion & Champion for the Open Scrapbooking Exhibit. Due to PINK PIXIE Craft Supplies [my shop] donating prizes for this section [along with other sections], I donated my prizes to some very worthy participants.
 These are my cards I entered, can't recall which one received second prize though.
 This is my cute little mini album about my brother.
 My winning certificates and ribbons.
 Winning page for 'family'
 Winning page for 'special event'
 Thanks girls .... we got second.
Complete entries.
It was great to see a lot more entries this year and some of our kids who attend classes entered items & won too !!! So proud of them.
Joe's mum entered 2 tapestries and a crossstitch & received one First & 2 seconds. She was thrilled and has already started picking what she will enter next year!!
Our shop had a wonderful day. Thanks to everyone for their support.
Ok well I must away now.
Have a great week everyone.
luv me xxooxx

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susy said...

Sounds like the Bell's cleaned up, well done and well deserved xx