Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Well, it's FAIRYLAND!!!!!

Hello there bloggers!
This Tuesday at school, one of my volunteers Fee & I decided to make the canteen into a 'Fairyland'. This is us dressed as fairies ready to rock n roll with the kids!

This is the front of the canteen dressed up with fairies and wands.

Even our wonderful staff joined in on buying some of the yummy goodies that were available for sale. Thanks Rosa for your support!!

One fairy amongst all the kids eagerly waiting to be served!!

My welcoming sign.

We had an absolute ball and the kids brought their money along and happily bought some yummy goodies!! We had fairy cakes, fairy bread, fairy muffins, wand biscuits and mini fairy muffins to enjoy.
Thanks for checking in.
luv me xxooxx

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susy said...

Very cute fairies.